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Wrinkle Reducers!

There’s no way around this one: wrinkles are a part of life. As we age, there are several things that happen that contribute to wrinkles: the inner layer of skin—the dermis—begins to thin, our skin cells divide more slowly, and fibers just below the outer layer of our skin become loose. These are only three things that contribute to wrinkles. Want to learn more? Read on.

Lifestyle activities also contribute to wrinkles. Getting too much sun: the sun’s rays damage the skin’s support structure. Sleeping on your sides and stomach: putting pressure on your face, over time, can create facial lines. Smoking: smoking dries out skin. Squinting: repetitive small muscle movements create lines. Yo-yo dieting: gaining a lot of weight, losing a lot of weight, gaining a lot of weight, losing a lot of weight—the skin stretches and shrinks, but if this pattern is repeated over and over the skin begins to lose its ability to shrink back down.

Although wrinkles are inevitable, there are ways to slow down the process. Drink plenty of water, keep your skin healthy via products such as sunscreen and body moisturizer. And if you purchase anti-aging products, look for products that contain alpha hydroxyl acid and vitamin A.